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Might try to bring this place back
Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:44 pm by Professor Jinxx
if you still come here every now and then or get the email you should come back too

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 The Long Awaited Point System

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PostSubject: The Long Awaited Point System   Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:10 pm

Alright boys and girls, you've been waiting a long time for this so here it is. FAFA's Point system.

Each member will join and get 6000 Tokens to start out with. It is then the members responsibility to get the required tokens to rank up or spend on decks and GFX's, etc.

Rank Up: If you want to rank up, you will need to attain these required amounts of tokens.

Gungir: 6750
Laval: 7250
Trisula: 7750
Trident: 8500

Demotion?: Now just as you have to have that amount to rank up, you have to keep a certain amount of Tokens to ensure you stay in your dorm. Teaches you money management skills :3.

Gungir: Does not apply
Laval: 2800
Trisula: 3200
Trident: 3500

Admins & Deck Buying: This has gone back and forth back and forth back and forth for like 8 months now. Here? I will allow admins to buy decks as long as they do not spam buy. We admins will be given 7500 tokens to work with and play around with and enjoy.

Challenge Duel: Here is how the challenge duel point system will work. 2/3 match mode, etc etc.

Gungir Beats:
Gungir:70 tokens
Laval: 125 tokens
Trishula: 160 tokens
Trident: 200 tokens
Laval Beats:
Gunir: 60 tokens
Laval: 70 tokens
Trishula: 100 tokens
Trident: 130 tokens
Trishula Beats:
Gungir: 50 tokens
Laval: 60 Tokens
Trishula: 70 tokens
Trident: 80 Tokens
Trident Beats:
Gungir: 25 tokens
Laval: 30 tokens
Trishula: 35 tokens
Trident: 40 tokens

If any of the dorms beat an admin in this, it's 300 tokens, regardless of your dorm status

Wagers: Simple simple simple. You each bet a maximum of 350 tokens against one another, you duel 2/3 match mode style. Winner keeps his 350 and gains 350. If this would cause you to Demote, you are not allowed to participate until you can come up with enough points to keep your dorm, UNLESS you are okay with ranking down, in which you will discuss it with Eragon and Jinxx before the duel. MUST COMMENT ON THE POST SAYING YOU WON/LOST BEFORE POINTS WILL BE AWARDED.

Special Duels: My favorite :3. These are so much fun really. Special circumstances allow you to change the game and make it more interesting. The harder the circumstances, the more tokens you will win. MUST COMMENT ON THE POST SAYING YOU WON/LOST BEFORE POINTS WILL BE AWARDED. If you participate in a special duel, each side will put up a max of 100 tokens, up to each member participating. Then there will be a 250 token prize you are trying to attain at the end.1 2/3 match mode later you have your winner. Format for the post.

"I challenge ________ to a special duel with these circumstances _________.
My wager: ______
His/her wager:_______
Prize goes to: __________"

Any questions comments or concerns please do not hesitate to find me.

scrapdragon123: Dueling network
Ambassador Of Chaos: FAFA username

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The Long Awaited Point System
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